VIU A high-end, high-quality video streaming service, has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company that runs it is owned by the PCCW Group. Users around the world are able to get access to a range of video programming through this organization. Subscribers can also sign up to specific channels such as drama, sports or comedy. It has more than 100 million registered customers around the globe.

VIU offers a wide range of television and film shows as well as Original movies and series. They usually are offered on HD with subtitles. Additionally, the service provides personalized suggestions and customized Discovery feeds. HD is available with subtitles. Customers can also sign up to various movies and TV shows so that they are up to the latest on their favourite shows.

Viu offers a wide selection of video content for free as well as a Viu Premium subscription that is $5.98 per month. Members get prior access to all the new movies and an all-access pass that allows them to view all shows of their selection indefinitely. Additionally, you can sign-up to Viu that allows you to stream unlimited content, and is free.

Viu Premium can be downloaded in HD or 480p, and lets viewers stream all the popular episodes within just eight hours. Users can access all content including movies and TV series. This premium service doesn’t use mobile data and is compatible with all devices.

Viu can be found across a variety of countries, including Hong Kong and Malaysia. The subtitles are tailored to the specific language spoken in each country. ดูหนังออนไลน์ of Hong Kong, for instance are provided with subtitles for Traditional Chinese or Filipino. Meanwhile, in Singapore people can pick Simple Chinese subtitles.

Viu also has launched its own streaming service for movies called Voot. The app, like Netflix it is free to download. Through this application, you can watch Viacom18 Original TV shows as well as movies. Additionally, you can browse through several live channels. Its video player is quick and simple to use and displays subtitles even in videos that are not free. It also works with Chromecast. It is also possible to transfer your account’s content from your phone to your smart TV.

Viu is currently the top-rated OTT streaming service in all countries. As per the Media Partners Asia AMPD Research report released on March 28 Viu’s monthly active users grew by a significant amount that made it the leading one streaming service for video within Greater Southeast Asia. It also comes in second for paid subscribers, premium video streaming minutes as well as third among monthly users.

VIU is committed to critical exploration of sustainable futures, and its programs acknowledge the interconnectedness of human and natural ecosystems. The distinctive environment at the campus and the multidisciplinary faculty makes it a ideal research location. It focuses on the remarkable culture of the past, along with the pressing problems of the future. the future.

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