What Is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is an technology that enables continuous delivery of content in the form of audio or video. Jurassic World1 requires minimal storage, or no network. It does not relate to the only delivery method however, but also to the content. It is an effective instrument for businesses that operate online or educational institutions as well as different organizations.

Streaming media is a type of video or audio files which is transmitted to a remote computer that is played by the device. This eliminates the need for users downloading media files, having to wait for downloads and may take up to hours. Instead, the media content is sent over the Internet in a continuous stream.

Another benefit to streaming media content is the ability to pause, fast forward or even rewind. You don’t have to be concerned about the order of data as data is transferred and received based on the bandwidth available. Streaming Media was popularized in the mid 1990s as networking technology enabled it to send and receive data at faster speeds.